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Kate has considerable experience of working in and liaising with care homes. In addition to offering assessment and therapy sessions to residents on an individual basis, Kate is able to offer training sessions for staff in communication and/or eating and drinking. Content, style and timings are all flexible according to the care home’s needs, but as a guide a programme could include the following:




  • the importance of communication in our lives and how it can break down

  • common difficulties that can affect communication such as dysphasia after stroke, dysarthria in Parkinson’s Disease, communication in Dementia, etc

  • facilitating communication in the care home environment, including using tools such as ‘rummage boxes’ and project groups

  • the role of Speech & Language Therapy, and how you might help support understanding and expression

  • communication support in mental capacity assessment


Eating and Drinking 


  •  the normal swallowing process and complications that might occur (dysphagia)

  • management of swallowing problems, including when to refer to SLT and other professionals  what to look for, and general safer swallowing guidance 

  •  preparing consistencies for a modified diet and a practical introduction to IDDSI

  •  considering oral hygiene, medications, etc 

  •  helping residents to choose from a care home menu

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